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EST. 2009
Red Ant


About us

Precision and detail

In our company, we believe that a quality product is an expression of respect for the customer, respect for honest craftsmanship, but also the work of skilled Slovak hands.

We want to create value that lasts. We know that today, accessories for mobile devices are part of the style of its wearer. It expresses his interests and aesthetic preferences. It captures the view of the world. This also motivates us to bring to the market a series of design cases for mobile phones, which follow the honest tradition of the craft and are based on current trends.

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Personal collection of orders made via our e-shop is possible directly in our production

Sobôtka 5116/3
97901 Rimavská Sobota
Business address - Sobôtka 5116/3 Rimavská Sobota 97901

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