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About us

Dear customers and business partners. In our company, we believe that a quality product is an expression of respect for the customer, respect for honest craftsmanship, but also the work of skilled Slovak hands. We are convinced that many young people live in Slovakia who can easily compete with cheap products from Asia. That is why I am pleased that it is European products that are finding more and more customers who know how to appreciate unique European design and quality.

Origin and history of the RED ANT brand

Marián Štúrik, founder and managing director:

"When my great-grandfather founded a factory for the production of leather aprons, gloves and accessories in 1920, he would not have dreamed that his great-grandson would sit in his own workshop for almost a hundred years and write this story. A story of tradition that has appeared in my family history since the beginning of the 20th century and which - despite nationalization in 1948 and subsequent abolition by the then government regime - has risen from the ashes after several decades. In 2017, in the 4th-5th centuries AD, the first mentions of the inhabitants inhabiting the middle and upper reaches. The ancient Slavic tribe Anti, was known in the past for the ingenious processing of leather and leather products. machines, weapons, but also clothes and fashion accessories. At present, the production combines the old traditional technology of sewing genuine leather with the most modern IT technologies, and under the RED ANT brand, unique pieces of fashion accessories are created with the ambition to establish itself in the markets of Western and Central Europe. "

Exclusively Slovak

From the original idea of ​​the designer, through production to the dispatch of the product, everything is under the banner of RED ANT only in the hands of Slovaks. Authentic production design using quality home materials and processes is an integral part of every edition of the brand. Cases made of leather or textile with leather are made by hand in a small workshop in southern Slovakia in the town of Rimavská Sobota. Therefore, each of them is unique and original.


We emphasize precision and detail. We want to create value that lasts. We know that today, accessories for mobile devices are part of the style of its wearer. It expresses his interests and aesthetic preferences. It captures the view of the world. This also motivates us to bring to the market a series of design cases for mobile phones, which follow the honest tradition of the craft and are based on current trends.

Our mission

Our goal is to regularly change the product offer and add a limited number of special editions several times a year. Our people are working tirelessly to bring you new, high-quality materials again in the near future. We want to further improve technological processes and expand distribution to new European markets. You can find a selection of our production on the website you have just visited. Together with all colleagues from the company, I believe that it will meet your expectations.

Marián Štúrik, founder and managing director